touch my bum (cheeky girls) vs ebeneezer goode (shamen)

Vote for either touch my bum (cheeky girls) or ebeneezer goode (shamen) and get entered to win a free Sony bluray player and 10th anniversary edition of the movie 'fight club' on bluray! Currently, the vote count is 7 to 5...
(7 votes)
(5 votes)
touch my bum (cheeky girls)
ebeneezer goode (shamen)

touch my bum (cheeky girls) (watch video for touch my bum (cheeky girls)watch)


ebeneezer goode (shamen) (watch video for ebeneezer goode (shamen)watch)


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One Response to touch my bum (cheeky girls) vs ebeneezer goode (shamen)

  1. wwwo says:

    Aw crap. Voted before I actually watched or listened to that crap. can I take it back???

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