This policy describes how this site and its parent company (Headphase Media, LLC) deals with personal information that may be entered or used on (hereafter referred to as “site” or “the site”).

When you access the site you do so anonymously, however, we may collect statistics and other relevant information to better assist us in delivering quality and relevant content to you, including but not limited to serving advertisements.

You do not need an account of any kind to use any service on the site. You also are not obligated to enter any personal or relevant information to browse any of the items on this site.

However, if you choose to vote on a throwdown or contest, your ip and vote will be recorded in addition to your email, name and other relevant information. Your email is used only to verify that you are not a ‘bot’ and describes you as the author of the comment or vote. Likewise, if you choose to create your own throwdown, the same information will be collected for the same purpose.

If you choose, you may link this site and sign on using your facebook credentials. We do not store your facebook login information, except your name and email, with your permission. We do not store your password. Everytime you login with your facebook information, you do so through Thus, this information is guarded by facebook’s privacy policy.

Your email will never be exposed on this site to the viewing public. Your website, however, will be displayed as a link if so entered.

Your email address nor personal information will not be transferred or sold to a third party without written notification and approval by you.

We will use every safeguard possible to keep your information stored safe. However, due to the nature of the Internet, this isn’t always completely 100% possible.

By using this site, you agree to this policy.


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