Throwdown Rules

If you’ve ever wondered who (or what) would win in a battle to the virtual death, wait no more. Put any character, object, or person to the ultimate test by putting them in a throwdown!

Throwdown Basics

We have just a few rules that we ask you follow when using this site for your sometimes “intimate” enjoyment:

  1. You are allowed to vote in any throwdown you want, but may only vote in each throwdown once. Pick the contestant you think would win in a throwdown. Yeah, we know there’s ways to cheat. It will be on your conscience. And if we find out, we’re going to have to go all Joe Pesci on you.
  2. There is no criteria for the throwdown. Simply pick the winner.
  3. You may comment on each throwdown. It can be why you chose who you did, what you think would happen in the throwdown. Or simply comment on other’s comments. Democracy and free speech at its finest.

Making a Throwdown

  1. You are free to make as many throwdowns as you like. In fact, we often run contests where you accumulate points for throwdowns made. So we encourage it.
  2. You shouldn’t make throwdowns that are between the same contestant, or the same contestant’s aliases. So, for example, you can’t throwdown Clark Kent vs Superman. Why? Because that’s not really interesting. Are we going to stop you? Probably not. But be cool. Please.
  3. You are allowed, however, to throwdown the same fictional character across multiple “generations”. For example, Superman from the 1980′s versus Superman from 2008. (This is more of a throwdown between the actors that played Superman.)
  4. You may throwdown anything – it doesn’t have to be a fictional character or real person. For example, you can throwdown Coke vs. Pepsi, or Pop Tarts vs Toaster Strudels, or a wrench vs a hammer, a spork vs a knife. You can also mix them anyway you’d like. (And now, you can throwdown videos! Think of the possibilities!)
  5. If you choose to upload an image, the image should be 125×125 in size (or the same proportion, 1:1). If it is not, it will be automatically resized and resampled. This may make it look like crap – so please make sure the image is the right size, or at least put the zoom in a, ahem, area that you may not intend. The max image size is 75k.
  6. If you choose not to upload an image, the contestant will get the default throwdown image. If you are throwing down videos, the images automatically are uploaded from YouTube. Technology is wonderful. And sexy.

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